Valentine week list wishes ideas best images quote for love days

Valentine week List wishes for lovers with best images to wishValentine week has rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, kiss day hug day then comes valentine day. After valentines day comes  slap day, kick day  perfume day, flirting day, confession day, Missing day, and breakup day at the end.

be mine valentine image quote, valentine week best image wish

Be mine love of life

Valentine week list wishes ideas best images quote for love days

Wish your love and spread the love with this beautiful valentine week list so everyone knows about. The days in month of February to celebrate.  During valentine week everyone wonders what day of the week. Today is to celebrate so here is list for all of you to know which day to celebrate, and when to celebrate. Valentine week is full of love to celebrate with your lovers and wish them on the particular days of the week. Right guys, so go on wish your loved ones near and dear ones now.

Valentine Week List, happy valentines week list

best valentine week image quotes, valentine week list images wish

I love you be mine                                                           Source

Valentine, love, rose, propose, chocolate, teddy, promise, kiss, hug,  slap, kick, perfume, flirting, confession, missing, breakup daysWishes for you from heart with love wish your love this valentine week with love. Wish with messages on valentine time going around.  Valentine time must be spent with the person whom you care about. Since its valentine. Make this valentine special for the better future of your relationship. In valentine time going around spreading joys make it the best and perfect valentine to be remember-able.

valentine Rose best image, best image rose valentine week

valentine Rose best image quote Source

Happy Rose Day Wish

Rose days to celebrate for lovers with beautiful roses to wish. So am sure all of you want to wish your lovers on rose days so you can spread the love in air. Well check in image of valentines week list to see when is rose days

Best Rose Day Wishes for her to wish on rose days

  • Rose a beautiful one for the one beautiful women i love, happy rose days
  • Day of rose for the women i am in love with who is beautiful just like a rose
  • I could have given you a rose on rose days but darling how could i give rose to another rose

Best Rose day wish for him to wish on rose days

  • Darling I want to wish you a rose days with beautiful rose like you soft like my lips
  • Rose is very good looking but not more than you happy rose days dear love
  • Roses smell good but smell of you my love is my favorite perfume happy rose days
Valentine image for propose , propose date Valentine week

Be mine valentine                           Source

Happy Propose Day Wish

Oh wow, so this day is to propose the guy or girl you have your eyes on from some time now. You can check the date in valentine week list to see when is propose days

Best messages to Propose her on propose days

  • I love you and today is propose days so my proposal for you is to keep me in your life until I die
  • On this day my proposal to you is love me and ill love you fore ever so its deal right?
  • love beautiful you I want to be with beautiful you Happy propose days, do accept this proposal of love for you on this beautiful day

Best messages to Propose him on propose day

  • You may find beautiful girls more than me but i have found a handsome man whom i want to be with accept this proposal and be mine for ever happy propose days
  • Best day to propose is here, so happy propose days my love
  • Happy propose days here is my proposal lets be together and celebrate this day as anniversary of love every year that is there to come
propose this valentine week image, best image quote valentine week

Happy propose for dear ones express feelings this week                            Source

“Check more ideas in valentines day part of this post to propose your love on valentines day!”

chocloate day image, best valentine chocolate image

chocolate love in week of love      Source

Happy chocolate day Wish

Yummy chocolate to eat to celebrate the yummy day of all days on chocolate days. Lets wish Happy chocolate days to your lovers. You can check the valentine week list image to know when is chocolate days

Chocolate day wish for her

  • Oh my yummy chocolate i am not getting you chocolates since i am your chocolate and you are my chocolate
  • Happy chocolate days to the yummiest chocolate ever

Chocolate day wish for him

  • Be mine chocolate, Happy chocolate day dear love
  • Happy chocolate day to my favorite chocolate
  • We may be opposite from each other. Much as chocolates you and i had eaten together. Makes us life together and enjoy moments we have together to celebrate. Happy chocolate day!

Valentine week list  is definitely to check for chocolate day

Quotes valentine teddy day, best image teddy valentine

Teddy for teddy hug week of valentine Source

Happy Teddy day Wish

Oh wow teddy days so lets hug the beautiful teddy god has given permanently to all lovers there loveHappy teddy day go and cuddle your most favorite teddy now with beautiful wish. Do check the valentine week list to know when is teddy day

Teddy day wish for her

  • My teddy bear soft lips and beautiful from heart, Happy Teddy Days my cuddle teddy
  • Lets hug the love on teddy days and be my teddy for the rest of my life my soft teddy bear happy teddy days
  • Happy teddy day to the most beautiful teddy in the whole world , yes you my love

Teddy day wish for him

  • I want to hug my favorite teddy you will like to know well, its you happy teddy days
  • When I was a little girl I never had teddy like you now I do i want to hug it to sleep everyday in my life happy teddy day my cuddly bear
  • Happy teddy days to the handsome teddy in the world

Valentine week list will tell you the date for giving teddy

best image quote promise valentine, valentine week list promise

Promise your life partner             Source

best promise image quote valentine, valentine week make promise image quote

Promise from heart                                                Source

Happy Promise day Wish

Promising the one you love and then keeping that promise is very important in any relationship. Whether its with your love or friend promise is always to be made if you can keep it.  Lets promise today to our self that we will be true to our love Happy Promise day. Well, check the promise day in valentine week list

Promise for her to wish

  • Happy promise day dear love i promise to love you from deep down from my heart
  • I promise to be with you forever and keep my promise, happy promise day
  • May god bless this promise that i am making to be with you happy promise day
  • While this beautiful day is here. I want to promise you to live in my heart and me to live in your heart. Since its my best place to be at and yours too

Promise for him to wish

  • Dear love I promise to be true to you on this promise day
  • Happy promise day my love lets promise to be with each other from heart filled with love
  • promise to keep you happy with me as much as i can happy promise day my love
  • As a result of our promise to be with each other. Gave me reason to live my life with you. Therefore lets celebrate the promise we made. Due to wish we are living life’s most beautiful moments

Valentine week list will let you know when to make promise. Wish from heart in valentine week believe and it will come true.

kiss express best image valentine, valentine week best image

Kiss and express feelings                  Source

Happy Kiss Days Wish

Kiss day is to celebrate the kiss of love happy kiss days my dear love. To know about the date for kiss day check the valentine week list.

Kiss day wish for her

  • Kiss from heart of love happy kiss days
  • Kissing you makes me want to breath the breath of love happy kiss days
  • While your breath was meeting my breath every time I came close. Therefore now I live when you breathe

Kiss day wish for him

  • True kiss from heart to most kissable guy ever happy kiss day
  • Kissing you makes me connect with you through the breath of love in air happy kiss day

Check Valentine week list date to know when its right time to kiss your love

wish image hug on valentine, best image valentine hugs

Wish with cozy hug                            Source

Happy Hug Days Wish

My best hug and favorite hug wishing the hugs of love happy hug day lets hug the love. Check out the date for hugs day in valentine week list. While celebrating enjoy moments with your partner

Hug day wish for her

  • Happy hug days to the most comfortable hug in my life my love
  • Happy hug days to the most beautiful hug god had blessed me with
  • While being in your arms I had made my home in your heart happy hugs

Hug day wish for him

  • Happy hug days to the safest arms to be in that god has blessed me with
  • Dear love hugging you is beautiful feeling while being in your arms is the safest place to be at happy hug days
  • Due to hugs you gave me. It gave me the most beautiful safe place to be at. In your arms in your heart
  • While we hug I relax in your arms. I feel safe I feel good. I want to live in your arms and sleep in your lap

Guys hug on this hug time to know the date check the beautiful image in this post with dates for valentine week

Be mine valentine image, valentine week image be mine

Be mine valentine

Happy Valentines Day Wish

Valentines wishes are very important for lovers around the world for their world of love. Make sure you wish and do not forget the valentines day date list to wish your love happy valentines day. Valentine is here with gods blessing lovers on valentine. Make a wish for your valentine and be their best valentine. Valentine time is to spend with your partner on valentine special memories are created for your valentine and you being their valentine.

Valentine day wish for her

  • Happy valentines day dear love lets celebrate our love this valentine
  • Cute honey sweet honey I love to be with you this day of valentines and all the coming days in future
  • You are my soul my love my breath happy valentines day dear love
  • Holding your hand front of this world. I want to ask you to be mine and be with me will you marry me and be my permanent valentine?
  • While talking to you, listening your ridiculous conversations. I fall in love with you
  • Due to you annoying me I love the fact I am in love with you. Since now its my favorite habit
best image quote wish valentine, valentine week best image quote

Love you be mine forever

Valentine day wish for him

  • This valentines days I want to tell you I am in love with you and I want to commit to you that I love you and want grow old with you
  • For so many days I have been thinking about you during day and night your cute face keeps coming front of my eyes and your eyes showing deep down the love in your heart for me I love you please be my valentine
  • Your sweet talk is making me falling in love with you I love you dear love be my valentine
  • The way you look at me and talk about me with others I see your telling everyone am your girl makes me feel good, Happy valentines days
  • This valentine lets commit to each other to be with each other forever and ever after life after death lets never be separated

More valentine wishes

  • Next year I want to celebrate valentines days with you so lets celebrate this valentine so we can celebrate the ones to come in future
  • I want express my feelings through this message since I get shy when ever you talk to me or when you are around me I want to be your valentine so that’s all
  • Every morning every evening when i see you automatically I get smile on my face and feel shy around you then I ask my self do I like you. Then when I go to sleep I start to think again about you at night you come to my dreams in morning I wake up again. Am always thinking about you is this love? I don’t know but this valentine days. I want to be in your arms and you to hug me tightly and tell me you never want to let me go and don’t ever leave me for any reason in world please

Valentine week list gives you dates of all the days in Valentine week

“Lets look at slap day, kick day, breakup day from a better view with love for love”

slap day wish image, valentine week slap wish image

Slap all bad memories and moments not those who care

It’s a Slap days

  • So slap days slap the bad moments between your love and you this day and make them go away from your mind and heart for peaceful and better future, happy slap day
  • While slapping you while just messing around with you, and having fun. I realized the beautiful feeling in my heart for you. Happy slap!
  • This day I want slap all the fights argues between us and just tell you I love you so much happy slap days
  • Lets us both slap the sadness, stress between us and just try hard to fix everything between us happy slap days dear love
  • Due to arguments we fight with each other. Therefore lets slap the arguments this year. Most of all Happy slap day

Valentine week list will let you know when to slap

kick day wish valentine week, valentine week kick image wish

Kicking everything keeping us away

Oh it’s a Kick days

  • Kick hard kick the bad things in our relationship so they cant haunt us happy kick days dear love
  • Oh darling! lets kick it, the moments that try to kept us away from each other happy kick days!
  • Happy kick day I have kicked all the fights away from our life because the good moments means more to us
  • Seems like you and i have been kicking each other away. Which is not good for you and me. Seems like we need to kick the reasons who are creating issues between us. Much as we love each other lets kick those reasons. Happy kicking

“Don’t forget other days in the Valentine week list wishes ideas best images for lovers days”

Smelling good on this Perfume day

  • The smell of you is the best perfume I wear when am with you. Happy perfume days!
  • Happy perfume day!  Lets hug each other so we can wear the perfume of love on this perfume days
  • Smell  of love is my favorite perfume happy perfume days in week of valentine
  • Most of all my favorite perfume is the smell of you. As a result I love when you are being around me
Flirting day best image valentine, valentine week flirt

Flirt and fall in the beautiful feeling of loving

Happy Flirting days

  • While flirting with you when I used to see you everyday I fall in love happy flirting days be mine in week of valentine
  • While you were flirting with me I used to feel shy around you but it was the best part of day. You gave me the reason to smile happy flirting darling
  • Since the day i had flirted with you. I started loving you much as possible.
  • Due to flirting with you I have looked in your beautiful eyes and i got beautiful reason to live my life.
  • Flirt is cute innocent love which makes lovers fall in love happy flirting days when we used to flirt and fall in love with each other. I want to spend the valentine week with you my love happy flirting days!

Valentine week list lets know when its time to flirt

best confession image quotes valentines, valentine week wish image confession

Confess whats in heart go do it now

Confess on this Confession days

  • I want to confess please hear me carefully. I want to confess that  I love you with all my heart which is full of love only for you. Happy Confession day!
  • Lets confess the love we have for each other, because its been in my heart since you have been looking into my eyes. Today i want to confess i love you during this week of love week of valentines days
missing valentine week image wish, best image wish missing

Missing love can be found in heart

Me missing you on Missing days

  • Happy missing days I don’t want to spend time being away from you and missing you. Therefore I want to be in your cozy hugs so I can be with you
  • Missing you my love even we are far I love you and miss youHappy missing days am sure you are missing me too in week of valentine

Aw! Valentine week list will let you know when to miss being with your love

wish breakup day image, valentines week breakup wish image

Break up with hurtfulness

Oh no! it’s a Breakup day be careful all lovers

  • Am Breaking up with? Yes with all the things you don’t like you don’t want between us because all I want to exist between us is the love, care and concern about each other. Happy break up days my future valentine date and love
  • Happy break up day don’t worry I will never breakup the beautiful moments we have with each other
  • I want to break up with not you no way never. I want to break up with the hurtful moments that ever existed between us. Happy breakup day dear love of my life.
  • Never break up with me I want to be with you on valentines days and break up day. But not being far from you but being with you dear love happy breakup day in the month of love
Best image quote valentine week, valentine best images wish

Happy love makes life worth living every moment

So guys wish your love all these days but with full of love and concern for your soulmate. Therefore care with your love and share the love all over the world with your date, love, friends, family and everyone. Happy love days! Celebrate the valentines month, week and days of love.



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