Motivation Of Failure To Better Life

Motivation of failure to better life. I failed my final exam in college recently. Just got the results a few minutes ago. Now am feeling really crappy about it but kind of motivated to write this article. I know it was my fault being bit lazy. Also, I feel that I have taken studies as granted for me. Since so far when I was doing my bachelors I passed always without failing any subject. But now am doing my masters in information technology. I failed the subject data structure. Well, am really hating the subject right now. But there is nothing I can do now or is there.

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Best motivation is from a failure

Motivation is needed for future and for a better life. Well, there is a lesson for future. Wow, am really motivated right now. I hope I can be motivated forever since I had been lazy recently and a whole lot of it. Maybe this is crazy me writing an article just a few minutes after I found out the results. Well, I didn’t cry I don’t know why. Usually am one of those students who will cry after finding out something like this that I have failed.

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Good motivation with better habits

Maybe cause I am pretty much aware of myself and actions. Not everyone is like that I guess. Now I know this can happen again even to me. Yes, I know that’s hard to admit for me but am admitting it now. Since I always did well now I failed. I hope I can use this for a motivation now.

After Failure let’s get motivation

So here is my do list am going to try to do now. First am going to try to stop watching television. I have been spending so much time watching random shows on television. This has ended up wasting lots of time. Also, I have been watching videos online about random things and wasted lots of time.

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Bad addictions decrease motivation in us

I am going to try just to focus on my studies now and not waste any time. Well, I am not sure how much this will work. But I really will try maybe I will take a print out of my result that says fail and frame it. So it will motivate me I think it’s a great idea maybe I will do that.

Motivation can change future

I really feel terrible right now not like lots of sad kind of emotions are there. But it’s like how can I let this happen. I didn’t expect this from me. But I guess now I can do nothing to fix what ever happened. So I just got to be careful for the next time I don’t make a mistake that I will not like. I got the motivation I needed also learned a lesson.

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Change for better

I just realize it’s not just about an exam. Usually, many things happen in our life. We can just sit there and make up the excuses. On the other hand, we can do something that will take care of the issue in future. With that, it will help us become the better person and be motivated. I hope am motivated now and not take things for granted anymore.

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