Happy Karwa Chauth Fasting Long Life of Husband

Karwa Chauth day fasting for obtaining blessing from god. For long life of husband life is worth the dedication from loving wife fasting on karwa chauth. not only married women celebrate karwa chauth.  But also unmarried girls perform the rituals for karwa chauth fast for the long life of their future husband. Whenever its about being with your love forever this festival of karwa chauth is worth celebrating with your husband.

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Not only women perform the rituals their husband are part of their fast. Even if they are living far away even in another country at the day of karwa chauth fast. This day if for both the men and women to pray to god for being together in future and forever and ever.

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It’s believed if women fast on this day for their husband with faith and believe. God will bless their husband with long life and long relationship in every birth they will have. This vart is very special to all those who believe in this vart.

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Greetings for Karwa Chauth fastVart with Best Beautiful Images to Wish.

Beautiful message for wife on Karwa Chauth Vart Fast day

  • Beautiful eyes of yours when they see me in the moon light make we want to stop the time and just look into your eyes and be lost in them
  • Want to be with you not just in this life but in all births god will bless me with.
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  • Want to be with you like hope is attached with future
  • I will want to spend rest of my life with waking up in your arms in morning
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Gift ideas for Karwa chauth vart for your loving partner

  • Karwachauth is day of faith, dedication for loving husband. Ofcourse if your women is spending all day fasting for you on Karwachauth vart day. You know your wife or girlfriend whom you want to be together is praying to be with you. Giving her gifts and presents on this Karwachauth day occasion will make her feel more special. Every girl loves gifts even if it something simple not even expensive. A gift or present given from heart is priceless, its more expensive than anything in the universe.
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  • Dress whether its traditional suit or sari dress is a best gift idea. On karwachauth fast day mostly brides, your gorgeous wife or your girlfriend will love beautiful red dress for this festival. On vart day mostly red color dress is wore and other bright colors as well like beautiful pink and orange by many women.

Jewellery gift ideas for Karwa chauth fasting

  • Anklets give really great feeling to all women and girls. Buying your girlfriend or wife beautiful sliver anklets is a very good idea. I know it is because it’s my favorite gift.
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  • Ring for your lovely wife is another best idea for Karwachauth. Trust me guys your gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Ring given from heart and put it on her ring finger will be amazing. Being a girl I know when we love our partner from heart we don’t care about expensive gift. We just want to be his special that’s all. You know what all I care about him making me feel special. Having that special feeling for him is most amazing feeling girls love to feel.
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  • Bracelet just like ring your bracelet doesn’t have to be expensive if you cant afford. Gift given by the one whom we love is most expensive to us. Even if it costs less and someone will pay us millions for it we still won’t ever sell it. Since it’s so meaningful to us and our emotions are attached to it. Beautiful bracelet is a great idea for your girlfriend or wife for karwachauth .
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Day before Karwa Chauth Gift ideas

  • Sindoor for any married women this gift is most precious. Its also my another favorite since its related with husband. So any husband getting sindoor for their wife will let her know that you want to be with her as much as she does. Its traditional and romantic, Oh and apply it on her forehead when you are giving this gift to her. I will love my future husband to apply sindoor it will make me feel so special. Am sure all ladies all ladies agree with me on this idea.
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  • Bangles on karwachauth day are wore by every girl or women who is fasting or having vart on karwachauth day. Usually glass bangels are wore on karwachauth day by women who is having fast. So this can be a really nice gift for your caring wife.
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How to pass time on Karwa Chauth day?

  • Going to salon and get pedicure, manicure so you will be able to relax on the day of karwachauth fast
  • Go get mehndi if you haven’t applied a day before
  • Listen to good romantic music for keeping you entertain on Karwachauth fast day
  • Watch a movie with your husband or boyfriend.
  • I know when I will get married I will ask my dear husband to take a day off and spend time with me. Well you can too!
  • Go for shopping with your husband. Maybe you need to buy something for karwachauth fast that you haven’t bought yet.
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