Grey Hair Causes Natural Home Remedies Get Rid White Hair

Grey Hair is part of our body and life. Once in our lifetime, we all go through the change our hair are having. Our eyes go big when we see that first hair that gets white. I remember when my first hair got white. I was tensed and depressed seeing my hair color turning white from my natural hair color I know we all get worried.

Premature graying of hair make one feel they do not look good, and they are getting old. The first thing we do when our hair color changes is start looking for remedies.  For grey hair treatment and what cause grey hair are important factors to know.

Causes of White Hair, Natural Remedies for getting rid of white hair

Natural Hair Color is best color one could have   Source

Grey Hair Causes and Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of White Hair

So the question is what causes grey or white color of hair?

  • Our Hair follicles have pigment which we call melanin in our hair, and when there is not enough pigment for hair is produced by our body, our hair colors start to turn into white color from our natural hair color. Gray hair color is a combination of black hair color and white hair color which makes it grey hair.
  • Due to color is not produced by cells and melanin in our body doesn’t get produced that’s the reason of why our hair turns white
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B-12 can also be the cause of premature graying in many people around the world
  • Even stress causes grey hair stress is source of so many problems we go through it makes effect on of entire body well as our hair color
white hair in kids, grey hair in children

Color changing of hair doesn’t have anything to do with age  Source

White hair color in younger kids

Yes, it’s true many children in the world there have been signs related to turning of hair color to white or grey does not have anything to do with the age of a person. Since now days kids hair color gets changed from their natural color to white hair or grey hair color

Remedies for Hair color transformation back to natural hair color

Pure Almond Oil for massaging

Use of Almond oil massage on regular basis help get rid of this issue. It will help for you to be able to see the natural color of your hair coming back if you will take some time to massage your hair with pure almond oil. The result of pure almond will be very pleasing. Not only pure almond oil will help in bringing your natural hair color back it will also help your hair to become more healthy, smooth, soft, silky, etc.

Coconut Oil to massage

Massage your hair with coconut oil is also recommended it will help get rid of new and old white and grey hair. Coconut oil massage is recommended in winter as well to get rid of dry and frizzy hair

Personally used by me

Pure butter (Pure Ghee) 

Last but not least my favorite and personal experience with Pure Butter gives remarkable results for turning white hair to natural color. I have used it much as i could after warming it to massage my hair. Not only it helped me in seeing my white hair turn back to my natural hair color but also helped my hair to grow and become smooth, silky, and soft as well. Issues I had with this was i had to keep it for a long time in my hair which made them very sticky during the day. If i was massaging at night so i could keep it in my hair all night i had to cover my hair so there are no stains on my pillow. The best part was seeing the results it helped me maybe it can help you as well.

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