Best Karwa Chauth wishing image quotes

Happy Best Karwa Chauth to all the couples celebrating the best moments in their life. So, it’s another year with Karwachauth fast or maybe it is your first. I am sure if you are fasting from your heart you really believe and have the faith in this fast. So even if the fast is done by women the men whom they are fasting for can celebrate it as well.

happy karwa chauth wish, best wishing quote image

Light of love will never fade away

Here I bring you the best Karwa Chauth wishing images to send to your love on this very best day. Also, I hope that the love between couples stays pure and full of happiness.

Best Karwa Chauth wishing images quotes for her

  • Wish you the best Karwachauth this and the ones to come.
karwachauth wish image for her, best karwa chauth quote

Lets celebrate the best fast ever

  • May God bless you and your husband to have life full of happiness
best karwachauth image, husband wish karwa chauth

Best feeling of romance with God Blessings

best romantic wish image, best quote for romance

Just like rose blossom our love will too

  • Let’s start the relation of our love to blossom and be the best.
best romantic wishing images, quote for her on karwa chauth fast

Love never keeps you hungry

  • I know you will be hungry all day. But I will do my best to keep you happy today and every day to come.
best moon stars romantic image, best quote karwa chauth fast

Beautiful moon and stars keep it romantic every day

  • It’s not just this day that’s special. But your prayers are blessing for from god to make every day very special.
I love you, best romantic love rose

I love you

Top best Karwa Chauth wishing quotes for him

wish him image quotes, best images for him

Wish him on karwachauth fast

  • I just want to let you know something. I love you and I wish you and me to be together forever. Not just this lifetime but for all the ones to come as well.
best wish for him, romantic quote image

Wish for him

  • Wishing my favorite guy in the world to have the healthy and long life for me. Happy Karwachauth world’s best guy in my life.
best image quote, love him best karwa chauth quote

Dear Love wish from heart for you

  • Dear darling, I wish we stay together forever. I just want to ask you to forgive me for any time I have hurt your feelings or done something wrong. This Karwachauth I want to make a promise and let you know am sorry. I promise from now on I will do my best to have the best life with you and keep you happy.
beautiful rose petals, best quote image for him

Be happy and lets be together forever

  • Happy Karwachauth my love. Also, I wish you and I to be together and be happy
Be healthy and live long life, be happy for him quote

Beautiful flowers for handsome man

  • I wish you all the happiness your heart desire for you and me. Happy Karwachauth my dear love.
kisses and hugs images, i love you best images

Kisses and Hugs for my love

Long distance relationship Karwa Chauth fast quotes

I know how it is when someone is in a long-distance relationship. The video calls and the pictures sent are just the way to see the dear one. At many moments just closing the eyes and thinking about hugging each other and being with them it’s just precious.

god bless love, best couple love image

May God bless the love between couples

When I say, I know how it feels trust me I do. I know an am sure many of you having long distance relationships and celebrating the day of Karwa Chauth can be tough but very romantic.

missing you ibest quote, long distance best quote

Long distance does not matter

  • My darling having distance relationship is hard but you make it worth the wait. Until I meet you again I promise to wait
kisses romantic wish, best kisses for lover

Kisses with hugs full of love

  • This wonderful day is very special cause waiting to see you even with the video calls. Its more special cause our hearts are for each other
best long distance relationship quote, beautiful romantic roses

Beautiful roses for him and her.

  • Distance is not an issue cause the feelings in heart crosses all the distance. To pray to god for your better life.
miss you image quote, long distance love

I miss you

  • I miss you I wish you were here but seeing you through pictures and on video call still, makes me close to you. Since you are in my heart, and your face is in my eyes.
best romantic karwachauth, heart quote of love

Wishing for your happiness since its my happiness

  • Have a best of best happiness your heart desire this Karwa Chauth.

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