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Valentines day special festival is for lovers around the world to celebrate being with their love. Special Festivals around the world only for true lovers are so many worldwide Valentines day is one of those festivals. Lovers whom need ideas for there valentine will sure like the ideas to make their lover feel special. Gifts for lover not only make him or her feel special but even the one who is giving the gift. But what are other festivals in the world for lovers to celebrate love? What is the story behind the festivals? Why they are so special is what I will be telling you about?

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Best Image Message with Beautiful Quotes for special valentines love

Valentines Day Love Quotes, Best Beautiful Love Quotes

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Valentines day History

Valentine’s Day known as Saint Valentine’s Day and even it’s known as the feast of Saint Valentine.

This day celebrated every year worldwide on February 14th by lovers who are deeply in love. This is the romance in the air month there are many days celebrated in this month such as hug day, kiss day, and more in the week of Valentines day.

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Soldiers in Rome were not allowed to get marry. But still Saint Valentine help many soldiers get marry secretly due to this he went to the prison. While in prison his jailer’s daughter was blind and Saint Valentine help her in this sad illness she was facing. In many of the legends it’s told that he cure her. He also help many of the prisoners by caring for them. On the February 14 Valentine got executed and that day before the execution he wrote a beautiful love message to the blind girl whom he cure.

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Now days this special day for lovers is celebrate with writing love messages to the lover. Even by giving them special gifts, beautiful flowers, yummy chocolates, and much more

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Romantic Valentines ideas for your valentine

  • Write a message , or poem for your love
  • Give them surprise gift
  • Tell them how you feel
  • Love them make them feel special
  • Enjoy and spend time with your love
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Valentine day’s gift ideas for him

Looking for ideas for your boyfriend or husband to make them feel special on the special day of valentine

  • If your guy loves gadget get him a gadget he can use everyday
  • Get your guy a nice looking watch which he can wear everyday
  • Just like girls guys do like to wear good looking footwear get him nice brand of shoes if you got the budget
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Don’t have good budget on valentines day well no problem at all. You can make your guy feel more special and show more care then getting him expensive gift. You can sure make valentines day festival special even with low budget

  • Prepare him breakfast he will feel very pleasant
  • Give your guy a surprise lunch also maybe you guys can go on picnic
  • Cook your guy a nice decent dinner he will surely feel special with the effort
  • Well, what can be better than all in one so get ready to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will be very hard work but also very rewarding
  • Go out and do a nice activity outdoors that he enjoy
  • Watching movie he likes or even watch a movie with him at home that he likes to watch often

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her

Well to make your girlfriend or wife special on day of Valentines day there are so many ways you can do that.

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  • Looking for purposing your love then buy her beautiful ring so she can always wear it on her ring finger.
  • Take out her for dinner, lunch, even breakfast to start the day with romance
  • Write a message which will tell her how you feel about her and she w really like that
  • Flowers what can be more beautiful than the red velvet rose? Even if it’s not bunch of roses just one rose will make her feel special and she will sure know how you are feeling about her. That sweet smile will be on her face.
  • If your girl loves makeup get her a makeup kit or if she is like me she will love eye makeup. For beautiful eyes a good pencil eye linear, mascara, liquid eye linear is best to get for her long as it’s of good quality. She will be able to wear it all day long and for sure every day.
  • Buying her beautiful dress she has her eye on, if she does
  • High heels this one is my favorite its best to make her feel the confident, yes confident when girls wear heels they are confident when they walk

Best cute love messages to send to your valentine on the special day

Beautiful love messege for girlfriend, Love quotes on valentines day

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  • Dear valentine I love you will you be mine in this life and after death forever and ever
  • My love I love you from my heart always want to see you smile because when you smile my heart dance in the joy you are happy
  • You are the flame if am candle you are that flame that will never blown away from the candle I am. The flame will provide the light in my heart and soul to see you with me holding my hand for the rest of my life
  • Don’t ever get angry at me don’t ever cry for me I want to see you happy and always be with me
  • I had heard of love. Even thought I know what love meant but being foolish because I had no idea what love was until I saw you. I had heard about love at first sight but I didn’t know if it was true. Until I saw you the first time and fall in love with you.

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